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All Prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Local Bike Delivery:

Free Shipping Area

If you are located in the Vancouver District (West, East, Downtown), I will deliver the package straight to your door for free. Please contact us before you order on either Instagram or Email with your address and we will forward you a free shipping discount code to use on checkout!

Are X In-Stock?:

Our stock is real time, anything you can add to cart is In-Stock!

Delivery & Shipping:

We ship from Vancouver, BC, Canada via Canada Post.

Small Items (socks, stickers):
Lettermail - Domestic: ~10 days
Air Post - USA: ~10 days
Air Post - International: 6-18 days

Large Items:
Regular Parcel - Domestic: ~9 days
Tracked Packet - USA: ~9 days
Air Post - International: 6-18 days

Returns & Refunds:

To swap sizes please return the item to use within twenty days of ordering. Please do not wash, wear, throw away original packaging, or remove the tags during that time. All returning postage charges will be covered by the customer.

If you receive the item damaged, please contact us with images hosted on imgur (no attachments).